Concentrate... ask a question... and watch in amazement as answers to your most challenging questions about life are revealed through what appears to be a mysterious liquid.

Watch in amazement as answers to your most challenging questions are revealed through a mysterious liquid. Use it as a personal decision maker, have friends ask questions together, or bring it to a party as a conversation starter.


  1. Experience has shown us that everyone is going to want their own turn… or two… or more.
  2. We are not responsible for anything that happens as a result of using Mystic for party games!
  3. Mystic is a random decision maker and has no ability to see into your future.

Realistic Behavior

Mystic was designed to be a highly immersive application. The answers, particles, and bubbles float around and generally behave as expected using an advanced physics engine. Although shaking is supported, the more dramatic way to reveal a new answer is to turn it face down, concentrate on a question, and then turn it face up again.

Mystic - Classic Theme

Classic Themes

Classic answers that we all know and love! If you have seen a Magic Eight Ball then you should know what to expect from this theme. Available in your choice of color (Red, Green, or Blue).

Mystic - Finding Love Theme

Finding Love Theme

A charming heart based theme with answers that try to help you navigate the complexities of relationships and dating.

Mystic - Trippy Hippy Theme

Trippy Hippy Theme

Psychedelic colors with answers inspired by the hippy culture of the 60s and 70s. This theme is a lot of fun at parties… or for anyone with a little leftover Flower Power.

Mystic - Coin Toss Theme

Coin Toss Theme

Realistic U.S. quarters (coins) afloat in the Mystic waters! All fifty states are included. Heads and tails are equally represented for a true 50% chance of heads versus tails.